return addressing


1   Personalize your return address

Choose your card or invitation and personalize it.
Then personalize your return address on the Envelopes page with the lettering style and ink color of your choice.

recipient addressing


2  Fill out the template

Download the My Life Greetings Address template based on your addressing needs: Wedding,  or Holiday and All Occasion.

*** Do not modify the template in any way ***  *** Do not modify the template in any way ***

We will not process your order if you modify the template in any way. Do not edit, move or rename any of the columns in the template. We will not question anything you have typed in the template. Enter exactly what you’d like on each line. Do not abbreviate any text unless you want it to be abbreviated. My Life Greetings will not share any of your information and the template will not be used again.


3  Select your Lettering Style and Ink Color

Select any Lettering Style or Ink Color from our website and indicate your choices on the template. Please note: Recipient addresses can only be printed in ink. Foil is not available. Allow an extra 2 business days for this service.


Recipient Addressing   Recipient Addressing
Front, Outer envelope only $1.40 / per envelope Front, Outer envelope only $1.00 / per envelope
Front, Inner envelope only $1.10 / per envelope
Front, Outer and Inner envelope $2.50 / per envelope set Return Addressing
  Back, Return Address starting at $21.50
Return Addressing   KwikSeal Self Sealing Envelopes $3.50 / per 25 envelopes
Back, Return Address starting at $24.90    * Return address pricing starting at 25 envelopes
KwikSeal Self-sealing Envelopes $3.50 / per 25 envelopes
  starting at $29.90
  $4.90 / per 25 envelopes



4  Send us your completed address list

For Holiday and All Occasion card orders: upload your completed address list when ordering your cards. The deadline to order envelope recipient addressing for holiday cards is December 10.

For Wedding, invitation orders: email your completed address list to
after ordering your invitations.